New 338 win mag project, need ideas

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    Mar 14, 2013
    Hello all, I just registered after reading threads for days. Lots of good info here, maybe to much for one man to process! I am not new to shooting, I have hunted and shot for years. I am an army vet and competition pistol shooter, most of my rifle experience has been hunting inside of 400yds and recreational target shooting. I am no expert thats why I am here. All my experience is on 308/7mm/243 so this big mag stuff is new to me.

    After reading and researching for weeks I made a purchase this morning to start a project. I was looking for a stevens 200 for my build but the only one I could find locally was a 7mm so I ended up buying a Savage 111FC 338WM new. I wanted a 300 but I couldnt find a cheap enough donor rifle, and the ones I could afford new had some upgrades but not enough to justify cost. So for $350 I got a Savage non-accutrigger 111 with 3x9 cheap scope. I plan to ditch the stock, trigger, barrel and scope for sure. This will be used for target mainly to see how far i can go, deer antelope and maybe elk hunting. I know the 300 would have been better for distance but I am working with what I can get right now. I bought one box of shells with it and dont have dies or reloading supplies for it yet so I am not married to the caliber if it can be easily changed to something better?

    Questions/reccomendations for budget minded setup.
    Scope? (Prefer mildot)
    Barrel? (Any other possible caliber options for this that would be better)