Need Advice: 338 Win Mag project-barrel?

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    Nov 14, 2004
    To begin, I have some custom, semi custon rifles. I seldom, if ever post here but read quite often. I have a Winchester 70 Classic. It's a left handed rifle, since I am a lefty shooter.

    Rifle is a stock gun in 7 mm Mag. I really love the rifle overall. Being a lefty, the world is not my oyster when it comes to rifles. I do not get all the neaty-coolies that 87% of the rest of you get.

    By average big game hunting standards, I have done "long range" more than a handful of times, but by LRH standards I am a neophyte.

    I am about as set as can be on the choice of caliber.....I really love the 338 Win Mag. Only shot 1 PA whitetail with it when I was a "kid" and one monster (read 80 lb) Texas feral hog with it.

    I want to put together another rifle, on this Winchester 70 action. I am also pretty set on wanting a 26" barrel. Shouldn't get too much flack here over the tube length, though it seems everywhere else it's taboo to have a tube longer than 22". I have a different rifle for heavy timber if there is such a thing.

    I am leaning towards a Brux barrel since they are priced right and turn around looks quick( I need to strike while the income tax fire is hot, lest it get depleated). Child support puts a damper on my dreams.

    Can anyone steer me one way or another on the .338 caliber barrels? Are there any makers that are either very good in 338 or very bad? I think every rifle I own is a Pac Nor with one former Shilen. I know nothing about the "new" barrel makers. I saw Bartlein makes a 5R but know nothing about why they are special. I have also read about Shawn's rifles and know he chooses Hart.

    This is to be an All-Around rifle, since I am very fond of the cartridge. I see no reason why a drop chart and some 225 AB's could do a world of damage all around the world out to 500 yards or more. This rifle will also go to Africa someday(post Child Support)

    So, needing a 26" finished barrel, it looks like I am a bit limited on my contours. I do backapck hunt, so overall weight is a concern.