Need loads for 38-55

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    Jun 27, 2009
    I inherited a Winchester 1894 (Mfg. 1903) in 38-55 and I would like to carry it during deer season this fall. I plan to have the barrel slugged ( I believe that is the term) and cast my own bullets. I need help finding a load that I could use in this gun. I have already had it gone through and checked out by a gunsmith. I am looking for nice easy shooting loads. For shots out to 100yds. This is really a neat old gun it has a 26" octagon barrel and is a short magazine takedown with a shotgun spur style butt plate. So if anyone has a few loads I can try you can e-mail me at

    Thanks Dale


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    Jul 16, 2007
    look in the "cowboy action" sections of the various powder mfg.s web sites for suggested loads. I have some 245 gr. , .379 sized you can try if they are the right size. just e-mail me