Minox DEC 5.0 is Finally Here

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    Dec 3, 2007
    The Minox DEC 5.0 is finally here.

    After many delays we have received our first shipment of these for the following mounts:

    We are still awaiting delivery of the Leica mount.

    Minox Dec 5.0
    Digital camera, monitor and eyepiece all in one - affordable digiscoping for everyone!
    With the MINOX Digital Eyepiece Camera (DEC 5.0) connected to a quality telescope a fast and easy-fitting solution has been provided for taking digital pictures through a spotting scope. Simply attached to the eyepiece bayonet of a scope this highly innovative product is an exciting combination of digital camera with normal camera functions, 2.5" TFT monitor and eyepiece all in one. What is even more exciting is that nature lovers need no additional equipment to get into practical digiscoping.
    The very compact size of around 68x71x56mm and weighing only 220 grams the Digital Eyepiece Camera is convenient to carry and travel with. The screen allows more than one person to not only view the subject at the same time, but also see the pictures or video-clips taken or being taken. It's just like using a powerful telephoto lens with a 40X magnification. Due to its compact size and lightweight the DEC 5.0 megapixel camera is very nice to hold while at the same time being multi compatible. Initially it will be made with four different beyonet fittings for high quality scopes like the MINOX MD 62 range, or Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski and Kowa. Being watertight and shock-proof the Digital Eyepiece Camera can comfortably be used in adverse weather conditions.
    A convenient folding "flip-up" shield not only protects the TFT monitor and the operating controls during transportation and storage and acts as an antidazzle shield when the Digital Eyepiece Camera is in operation.
    To do this, a powerful lens - replacing the eyepiece - transfers the image to the sensor of the digital camera integrated in the MINOX DEC 5.0. To store the image data this exceptional "camera" has an internal memory of 128 MB as well as a port for SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 4 Gigabyte. Power is provided by a replaceable high-capacity lithium-ion battery.
    The DEC 5.0 comes complete with battery, soft puch, remote control, USB cable, antidazzle shield and manual.

    Please feel free to call with any questions.