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    Hi to all

    I have two leeman scales a le 500 which i use at benchrest competitions for my loading and a le 1000 which i use for all my other calibres at home. A few weeks ago i was loading my 338 lapua and whilst shooting groups for individual loads i was getting a few variations on target. I checked my scales today both zeroed with the same cup and put 90.5g of powder according to the le1000 and on the le500 read 89.6. I checked it a few times with different amounts of powder and always different. Both my scales are fairly new with little work and proper care.
    What could be the problem and what scales are good and accurate readings?


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    "What could be the problem and what scales are good and accurate readings?'

    Assume you mean Lyman scales? None of us can tell you which, if either is more accurate. Seems anyone who owns one scale knows what his weights are. Those with more than one scale never know!

    I suspect that at a half-percent variation around a midpoint, the differences you find are too small to make any real differece in normal use IF you use ONE of them to develop your reloads and then use the same one to doplicate them later. Or you could buy a set of Lyman check weights to find which one is more accurate and return the other for repair.

    Beam scales work off gravity and it's dependable, electronics are not dependable. I avoid digital scales for many reasons, what you are seeing is only one of them!
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