Large Scopes and Rifle Scabbords

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    Jan 28, 2008
    First off let me introduce myself. My name is Jim and I have a small ranch in west central Idaho that backs up to the Hells Canyon National Recreational Area and have been hunting and shooting for as far back as I can remember and have become interested enough in the sport of long range hunting that I am in the process of having a 338 Lapua built. Been spending a lot of time on this forum reading what you experts have to say about the how’s and why’s of this sport but I do have one concern that I have not been able to find an answer to so maybe you fellas can help.

    Now that I am older I spend a lot more time horse back then I do backpacking and am concerned about the large adjustment knobs on the type of scopes that are required for long range shooting while in a scabbard on the horse. I think the new rifle is going to get a Nightforce 5-22x50 scope. So there must be some of you fellas that have packed your rifles horseback and I would be interested in what special things you might have done if anything to protect them. Now if I’m not mistaken the new Nightforce scopes have a zero stop so the worry is not that the knobs would rotate but that they could get broke or damaged. My go to rifle has a 3 ½ - 10 Leupold on it and there has never been any problems with the scope. Couple broke stocks but with horses that happens from time to time. Maybe I will get the smith that I chose to machine a nice steel cap that snaps over each knob.

    Let me thank in advance anyone who might respond and let me say thanks to you guys for the wealth of information that you have unknowingly gave me.

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    May 3, 2001
    I suspect abuse that NXS scopes handle during military duty is at least as brutal as what your horses will dish out. In the 2008 catalog they are showing an NXS that has an AK47 bullet hole through the tube and it was still able to function. If the Seals don't worry about cover caps for the NXS then you probably do not have to either. Seriously, they are about as close to bullet-proof as any turret, trust them. Your horses will give you a lot more grief than the Nightforce. Suggest you consider a 3.5-15x50 with zero stop and NPR-2 reticle. Very slightly smaller, nice to leave the scope on 15 and come down, better than finding out that you rarely use 22 power but usually use 15.
    Good luck with your scope selection and welcome to LR Hunting.