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    Mar 9, 2005
    We regret to inform you that the 'Firearms' category and subcategories have been removed from the Local Sales Network.

    Google notified us on April 28th that weapon-related content is in violation of their policies. They gave us 72 hours to remove the content if LSN is to continue earning income through Google's advertising campaigns.

    We understand this will displease a portion of the LSN community. Realize this action was not only difficult but absolutely required to maintain LSN supporting revenue. The Local Sales Network is a FREE service; the majority of financial support is earned through our 3rd party [banner advertisers].

    AS a result, you may no longer place any ads in any category advertising the sale of guns, rifles, firearms, ammo, or promoting any website that advocate the sale of the above.

    Important! If you had any active Firearm Ads containing paid extras (featured, bold, advanced, or attention-getters), please send an email to We will credit your account, or refund the cost of any currently active features.

    We understand this is a very popular service and we have a solution. Our programmers are currently working around the clock developing a new local website that caters specifically to firearm enthusiast. This new website will be a separate service from LSN and will not have Google advertisements. We expect the website to be open in only a few days.

    Please visit and bookmark is offline!

    Thank you for your continued support. LSN is proud to serve your community!


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