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  1. Kevin Cram

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    Mar 9, 2004
    I still have some Extended Impact DVD's for sale. It's a full hour of non stop long range hunting from Central and Western PA. Deer, Bear and Woodchucks out to 1400 yards!! Just hunting, no commentary, no BS. Watch the vapor trail on every shot. The best film quality and clarity of long range hunting you've ever seen. Guaranteed not to be dis-appointed. You can find them for sale on my website in the store page. Montour County Rifles

    Or pm me here for one and ask how you can get 20% off.

    Here's just a taste of what you'll see:

    [ame=http://youtu.be/h_Fk73aJSIk?hd=1]‪Extended Impact Clip‬&rlm; - YouTube[/ame]



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  2. JUDD

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    Jun 25, 2007
    You're right when you say the quality is better then others. I've seen some other video's and couldn't see the animals they shot 500 yards away, in fact some I would challenge if their was an animal even there. This video you have no problem seeing the animals at 1400yards!

    If you like the none stop shooting then this is the video to see.

    And the gun porn between the vid clips is also very well played!

    I do feel sorry for whomever that was that missed that fine PA black bear though...bet he won't ever do that again!:rolleyes: If I was him I would have came out the next year and tried to top all his buddies!

  3. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    I really enjoyed watching it.