Can someone help with a Target Turret?

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    Jan 11, 2006
    Got a custom 300 Ultra. I have settled on a load. 180 Accubonds pushed by 91grs. of IMR 7828 at 3300fps. It is a real shooter. I just purchased a Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x50 with target turrets(1/4"Clicks at 100yrds). Need help with dialing the scope for yardages out to 800yards or so. Please excuse me, I am new to to the whole target turret thing. I have always just used the TDS reticle for holdover. I really want to go out farther than that reticle will allow. I am aware that I can purchase s custom knob but I want to try to work with what I have first. I want to save some ammo too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jan 27, 2008
    Go here:

    It will make a chart for you that tells you the number of clicks and/or mils and/or minutes you need to dial on your turret. It's usually pretty accurate. Once you have the chart you need to go to a range and confirm the information by shooting targets at some of the given distances using the drops it gives you.
    You don't have to enter values for everything. However, to get accurate results you do need to enter:

    Ballistic Coeficient
    Bullet Weight in grains

    Leave can leave the default values for everything else. Since you chronographed your velocity, if you get a difference, start adjusting your BC so that the listed drop matches what the program is giving you. Once you have all this working, go out in the field and practice on targets, rocks, crows, rabbits, coyotes, ground hogs, etc.

    Also, read everything you can about it. Look in the article section of this site. Most of it is explained in one or more of the articles listed. In addition, you might want to buy this dvd: Long Range Hunting DVD. It's produced by one of the guys that wrote several of the usefull articles in the articles section.

    Good luck.