Help?? Target turrets.

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    Oct 30, 2008
    I'm looking at getting some target turrets made. I need to measure from center of Bore to Center of scope ObJ. What is the most accurate way, to get the center measuremant of the Bore. Put a rod in the bore, Measure to the center of the cleaning rod??? OR is this measurment necessary. I'm sure if you do not get a real accurate measurment, the turrets will be way off at 500 plus yards. What about the cheap $99 chrono's, are they accurate enough to be trustworthy. Anyone reccommend some good turrets. Kenton IND is the ones I'm looking at.

    Thanks All.
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  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Measure diameter of scope end bell in inches.

    Measure diameter of the barrel at exactly below where you measured the end bell.

    Measure the total distance from the top of the scope's end bell to the bottom of the barrel at the same spot as the other two measurements.

    Line of site/bore difference = Total distance - (1/2 end bell dia. - 1/2 barrel dia.)

    That will get you close and only close. If you have tapered bases the measurement won't be 'that' close.

    Use the measurement for your drop chart development.
    Test the drop chart at distances.
    Tweak line of sight to line of bore value to get really close before ordering any turrets.

    I learned that on this board awhile back. Worked well for me.

  3. 10th Mountain

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    Nov 18, 2008
    Roy in Idaho has it right on about the objective height measurement.

    As far as chronographs, I have a Crony Beta and it gives me consistent data when set up according to the directions.

    I think Kenton Industries Turrets are very good. I have them on my .270 and they are spot on with my handloads out to 700 yards, at 6,000ft elev.

    I have taken many many deer and antelope with them with no issues.

    Leupold makes a BDC turret in their custom shop, if you send the scope in. I think most other manufacturers refer you to Kenton Knobs, or try to steer you toward BDC reticles that they offer. It depends upon what you want.