Burris Eliminator III windage problem

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    Sep 22, 2005
    Im loving the scope, only thing is I have about 65 rounds through my remington sps 300 Rum and I noticed that about after about 16 rounds that my 100 yard zero shifted to the right about an inch. I readjusted and 20 rounds I guess later about 2 inches two the right off of zero.all the while my elevation stayed the same Iin both instances. I called Burris in regards to this and A guy named Brian told me to make note of current windage adjustment, then to work the windage knob all the way right then all the way left to maybe help grease and Iinnerworkinngs to settle in. Or I could just send scope in for replacement. Well tonight I got my 7/16th socket out and was getting ready to remove scope to box up and for the heck of it tried to tighten the scope 7/ 16ths nut just to see if it was loose. It was a little, I was actually able to tighten it quit a bit to the point where it wouldn't turn no more. Question for you is, do you think not having this thing REALLY cinched down and preferably loctited. do any of you think that it would slowely shift in windage to the right an to 2inch after a few rounds as mentioned above and not have elevation effected?
    Thanks for any help.