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  1. c_bass16

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    Sep 22, 2009
    I've just loaded up the last of my 210 VLD's and I'm heading out to shoot them sometime this week.

    Rifle specs are as follows.

    Armalite AR10 in 300 SAUM
    Berger 210 VLDs at an OAL to the ogive of 2.170
    Rem Brass trimmed to 2.004"
    Fed Gold Medal Match 215 primers
    56.7 of RL17 yields roughly 2715
    I had an equally accurate load much hotter, but chewed up brass.

    I have faster, more accurate loads with 185 and 190 VLDs but only had a dozen of each and no chrono when I tested them. Both more accurate, but just barely.

    185 and 190s are an estimation....
    185 VLD at 3000
    190 VLD at 2900
    210 VLD at 2715

    With these numbers and my DA, my graph (via Shooter) predicts less than 1 MOA difference in Wind drift at 1760 yds.

    At 1760yds with 10mph at 3:00
    185 VLD.....73.0 MOA Drop.....11.5MOA Drift
    190 VLD.....76.3 MOA Drop.....11.4 MOA Drift
    210 VLD.....80.6 MOA Drop.....10.8 MOA Drift

    Now, I've have data for a .4 MOA group at 100 and two more .5 MOA groups at 100 with 185 VLDs

    I've got 2 different .4 MOA groups at 100 with 190 VLDs and another .5 MOA

    Best I've gotten with 210's is .55 and another at about .625. They are a bit touchy to get into the mag due to the extreme stretch I'm running to hover in my "land window"

    I decided to use the 210s simply because I knew they would drift less in the wind...but at the range I shoot. (1200 so far) I'm not sure it's worth it. Especially when it's less than 1 MOA difference out to a mile and I barely have that much elevation available if I dial AND use hold over.
    Now that I'm out of pills...should I go for more, or just drop down to 190s and start testing all over...(and if I go with 190s...maybe even go with 185s)

    I'm getting more barrel life with the 210's for sure, but I don't know if I shoot far enough to warrant the bullet choice, especially when I have to seat them so long with mag length always being a concern.

    What say you?
    Stick with 210's or test with 185-190s?
    I'd consider the hybrid or OTMs but I'm more interested in keeping a dedicated Hunting bullet
  2. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    I've had good accuracy with 175 OTM in 308 and 230 OTM in 300 WM.

    Broz reports excellent terminal performance with the 230 OTMs from 300 WM and RUM.

    Many here like the 208 Amax as well for LRH.

    Regardless, it will be hard to beat the results you've achieved with the various bullets you've been using. So, why waste barrel life?

    Pick a good bullet with the needed accuracy and energy beyond the maximum distance you will hunt. Then, stick with it.

    -- richard

  3. c_bass16

    c_bass16 Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    Well made points. The energy delivery down range with the 210's is pretty hard to beat with a mag fed gas gun. I'd go so far as to say...NEARLY unbeatable in the AR10 platform.

    I really wish the Berger 200's carried a "hunting" designation even though I'm sure they would perform reliably.

    The 210 is just so darn close to causing feeding issues that it makes me nervous.

    I do my load testing single shot, so I don't have a stove pipe and bang up my bullet tips, but that causes me to break my weld between each shot too.