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  1. robbor

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Will a few points of Rockwell hardness make much of a differance in barrel life? If so why wouldnt everyones use a harder barrel? I was reading about douglas compared to Pac nor and how the douglas is harder and will last longer and possibly errode less(but is not hand lapped). In the past I always heard that Lothar Walther barrels were harder than snot(I could not find their hardness listed). Im just thinking that for large magnum cartridges given that the barrels are well lapped and machined the same that one would last longer than another. Of course next would be if their barrels are actually as hard as they state, I have heard of batches of softer barrels and what not.

    Krieger 28-32RC
    Pac Nor 26-28RC
    Douglas 28-30RC
    Lilja ?
    LW ?
    Shilen ?
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    Aug 19, 2005
    you make a good point,if you could make a barrel out of harder steel it would last much longer. most barrel manufacturers use 416 stainless (or some blend that is very close) or 4140 chrome-moly. the reason is machine-ability. if you tried to make a barrel out of 440c it would last much longer but you cant cut the grooves or machine the chamber to the same tolerance.
    if you want a barrel that last's try an AR-15 or sks with a chrome lined barrel (very hard) they might be scatter guns but the barrel's last forever.
    I think the barrel makers know what they are doing using 416 IMO

  3. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I have cut most of these barels and you can tell which are the hardest and of the ones you mention the Lothar Walther was the most singnifiant one of the bunch , they use a differant Steel alloy than any of the others.
    I cut a couple Black Star barrels and they were very hard I was told buy the sales rep that they weren't like cutting regular 416SS , the SS that they use is 17-4. I luckly had some of this to practice on ,
    I've cut a couple Pac-Nor's barrels and had no problems but some guys swear that they are supper soft and cut like lead.But from the accual barrel life testing I've seen the Shilen barrels wear out the fastest , I'm guessing that its because of the 8 land and groove desgine.
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    Nov 27, 2005
    I, like JD, have cut a lot of different barrels. I can't say if any of the above mentioned SS barrels are any harder or softer than others. Blackstar barrels were a bitch to cut unless you used carbide reamers at high speeds. I have put on many Shilen barrels and have never seen anything to convince me that they have shorter lifespans than any others. Not all Shilen barrels are 8 groove. Their fine 6mm ratchet rifled barrels are available in any groove you want, as long as it's 4.
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    Feb 15, 2005
    [ QUOTE ]
    Pac Nor 26-28RC

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    [ QUOTE ]
    I've cut a couple Pac-Nor's barrels and had no problems but some guys swear that they are supper soft and cut like lead.

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    I have a pac nor siting her that tested 23 on a calibrated RC scale. It cuts like cast iron, i've never cut lead.

    It was the first and last pac nor that i will own. They told me the first time that it should have been 28 rc before it left them. then Casey called back and told me it was 28+/- 5 points which puts 23 rc as a good barrel. Either way i learned a my lesson. I have a soft barrel in 257 STW that is showing throat erosion with 98 actual rounds. PURE JUNK

    Thats ok though, i have a 338 barrel ready to go on it now.