action choice, auto accurate enough for caliber?

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    Jun 23, 2007
    I am new and reading a lot. Lots of great discussion. Thanks. I have used bolt action rifles to take big game and believe in the one shot philosophy. I am interested in getting a lighter kicking rifle and am thinking about .243 or .257 roberts. I am leaning to the .243 at this point because i am not set up to reload yet. My goal is to be able to shoot groundhogs and be able to have a fast second/third shot to get others before they are in the hole. I am also interested in being able to use the gun to possibly hunt deer and so the choice of .243 over the .223 to have the flexibility to use heavier bullets. I have always heard that a semi is not as accurate as a bolt. i have only shot a few semis (7400, mini 14) plinking and not from the bench. Is a semi accurate enough to take full advantage of a caliber like .243 and be effective on groundhogs at the end of its range (300yds?) if so what semis do you recommend that are offered in .243 and what is the best barrel length and twist for .243 that will shoot both light and heavy bullets? are there charts on here for this that i haven't found yet?