7AM Barrel Breakin- part 4

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    7AM Barrel Breakin- part 4

    After getting all my brass fireformed it was time to load up some real boolits and break in the barrel. However, the mentally deranged weather man was calling for snow in the high country so I cut and run like a yeller dog for low ground and wound up on Morgan Creek somewhat north of Challis Idaho. Kirby had said to clean after every round for 15 rounds so I loaded up 15 rounds with 102 grains of H US869, Fed 215 GM and 200gr Wildcats in Lapua brass. Being as it was election time back home I had come into possession of a little wire frame that they use to stick up their campaign advertisements and being somewhat fond of Caffeine Free Diet Cokes, I happened to have a old case handy to use as a target. So off I went to find a place to shoot at my fine target. Somehow, the fact that I had fired a 100 rounds of shotgun powder through the barrel while fireforming the brass had escaped my keen mind. The first three rounds were spent finding the paper and cleaning out all of the Unique residue. At about round number 5 the gun started to come in and when I cleaned it after round six the barrel was changing over from carbon fouling to copper, so I decided that it was time to see what kind of group could be coaxed out of it.

    Shooting into a 0-15 mph headwind from prone/ bipod, rounds 7 -10 went 0.416 inches at 100yds. One has to first understand that my neck does not like prone shooting anymore and complains bitterly about it, Secondly, every shot was with a barrel that had some amount of solvent in it. And third, I never corrected for wind but just fired when the sight picture was good. I am sure lots of people could do better, but for me just flopped out there in the sage brush and cactus on my belly, that was a terrific group.

    As a little reward for spending all the time carefully cleaning and shooting I took the last five shots at rocks and bushes. A particular bush at 997 yards drew my attention and I did not have my drop chart with me so I just used a drop from another gun and subtracted a bunch of MOA from that. My bullets struck so way high it was unreal. Apparently, the BC of the bullets are just about what Kirby says they are.

    Here is a picture of the four shot group.

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    Re: 7AM Barrel Breakin- When you get back to the lyberry!

    Turn up Morgan Creek Road, (7 Miles north of Challlis) which you did.

    Go until you see an itty bitty sign that says Forney. There may be a building there. Was there years ago. Served elk steak to hunters.......

    Take that left, and drive to the top. There will be a cross roads on top. Turn left go maybe 1/2 mile and find a flat place (its all flat) for the tent. I think that road goes to Middle Fork Lookout???

    There have be many elk shot right from the tent there.

    Or, go straight at the + roads and go down Shovel Creek. Get to the bottm. Camp just before the Ranch House (Yellow Jacket Ranch.)

    Just before the ranch house there is a canyon that goes to the left (same side as the ranch house). Kind of mosey up that canyon and take the first canyon to the right and mosey up that one. Be really stealthy when you get to the plateaus that go around the hill. The elk bed and feed on the steep side of the plateaus.

    Or go up the bare "hill" across from the ranch house. You will see 1 maybe 2 huge boulders (size of a small house). Get on top of the larger one and set up. I suppose there's a range of less than 1500yds there somewhere......

    You can sure see a lot of territory. It was a complete waste of time for me when I did it.......

    One of the largest bulls of the season came from up that first canyon behind the ranch house.

    Good luck.........