6.5 grendel

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    JPRITT Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2007
    anyone using a 6.5 gendal on here? I was thinking about building one out of a CZ 527. I have never accually even seen the proformance specs of one. it would be a varmit/small game rig. any thoughts or experiences?
  2. Wild_Bill

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    Sep 15, 2005
    Ideal combination

    Hi i think for a light weight small to medium sized game at reasonable ranges it would make a nice cartrige. I have tested the 6.8SPC and was realy impressed with it i got 2600fps from the 20" barrel with 135gr Sierra matchkings and 3000fps with 90gr Hollow Points. The Grendell will do a similar thing with the lighter 6.5mm Projectiles. I have a Brno Fox2 here that i am looking to make into a close rande out to 300 yard small to medium sized game round and am thinking of fitting a shortened Sendaro barrel i have and chambering it in 7X33 Sako and throating it out to use the full mag length.

    Have fun and have a look at the 6.8 aswell as i was realy impressed with it and if you wanted to their is a lot more factory ammo available for it and the brass is available a lot cheeper and now Hornady make it with 110gr V MAx projectiles and the cases have small primers instead of the large ones in the Rem cases.

    Cheers Bill