.460 Smith&Wesson Loads?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by idahoelkinstructor, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Mar 4, 2009
    This past week I traded in my Taurs Ranging Bull 454 Casull and some archery gear/bow for a brand new .460 Smith&Wesson XVR 8 3/8" barrel along with new dies and 100 rounds of .460 brass. I had the choice between it and the .500 S&W. I went with the .460 for two reasons first the .500 seems just a tad too big for anything but serious knock down hunting power. In talking with other .500 owners I know it can be downloaded but overall it is not a pistol that you would classify as fun to plink with. On the other hand as we know the .460 can shoot both the .454 casull and .45 colt so it should be fun to plink with as well as being able to deliver serious knock down power like the big brother 500. Along the same lines I still have a lot of 454 casull brass, and a few .45 colt brass, as well as dies. And the second reason is that for the most part the .460 is less expensive to shoot than the .500, the pistols were the same price. So my question to all of you is does anyone here own one and have any favorite handloads that you might be willing to share. One last thing what type of pistol do you have and what kind of accuracy should I expect with my S&W X frame revolver? Thanks in advance Jason
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    You can shoot 454 and 45 Long Colt. But you'll need to clean the carbon deposits after shooting those rounds before going back to 460 S&W.