3rd Annual 4R Rifle Club Team Hunting Challenge

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    Dec 7, 2004
    We've secured a place to have our match and set the date for Sept. 25, 2010. Made a few changes from last year as we have to speed this thing up. Teams will have to find the targets themselves. ROs will not point them out. They will be very conspicious, painted orange and numbered. Once the other team gets their stuff of the line and you step up to the line time will start. There will be no setup time. You will start with everthing in your hands. If you've got more than you and your team mate can carry that's too much gear. Better leave some at home.

    We will also be doing a known distance speed shoot. There will be 6 targets @ known distances and each team member will have 45 seconds to shoot all targets. One shot per target and 2 points per target. Rifle used in speed shoot must have been shot for at least 1/2 of regular match.

    Mail entry to:

    Gene Sears Supply
    Attn: B.J. Bailey
    2003 S. Shepard Ave.
    El Reno, OK 73036

    Call me @ the numbers on the flyer or PM me w/any questions.