338 Win Mag STriker/Muscle brake

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    Oct 2, 2008
    After installing a skeletonized.re-enforced tupperware stock a retired officer friend sent me several years ago (Thank you Mike) I weighed the new setup several times. First time was 6.3 pounds. Re-zeroed and several times weighing, revealed a consistant 6.7 pounds as seen in the video.
    The video is self explanitary. What is not shown is the 8"X1/2" X 10 pound steel plate I set out on the ground at two hundred yards. Using 180gr Accubond at 3000+fps, the bullet blew through the plate, knocking it to a skidding stop 52" from the impact spot. It hit 1.5" high on center.

    Then holding 36" high (guess,no mil-dots or hashes) I took another plate the same size at 500 meters. Authority in the absolute at 500 and one did not have to use optics to see the result. I love hearing that authoritative thwank at 500.
    Recommendation: Though I am changing nothing on this one holer. I will recommend those wanting to put one of these brakes on a heavy hitting handgun, ask Jim to put the top port in.
    This is a very comfortable shooting handgun/brake combination. Recoil is very comparable to my 4" model 66 Smith with 180 grain bear loads.

    YouTube - Savage Striker 338 Winchester Magnum


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    Dec 20, 2008
    Sweet! Thanks for sharing.

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    I sure do like watching your movies ;-)
    And I'm glad I'm not a moose, bear or cariboo up there.