300 winmag throated to 3.60

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  1. Lefteyedom

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    Oct 26, 2010
    Thinking of putting a 30 caliber magnum together, at this point it would be easy to open up the magazine and extend the throat to handle a COAL of 3.60.lightbulb

    What performance gains could be realisticly found by hand loading 180 or 200 bullet out to a Coal 3.60?? (more usable powder space in the case)

    With a 26" barreled tthroated for a coal of 3.60 could 3000 fsp with a 200 bullet be safely reached?

    If factory 180grn with a 3.34 coal was fire threw a 300 win mag rifle throated for a 3.60 COAL what would be the effect on performance
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  2. Loner

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    Apr 14, 2010
    The little bit of extra powder is negligible as to performance. Long throats are how
    Weatherby attains such high speeds in His calibers. Jamming a bullet in the lands
    ups the pressures, a long lead lowers them. So a hotter load can be worked up if
    the lead is longer.

  3. Rimfire

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    Jul 14, 2007
    There will be some gain, it will depend on where they are seated now and how long a bullet you use. The longer the bullet the more it can extend into the powder. If you want performance out of a .30 cal. with an oal. of 3.6" the 300 Norma will get you there easy. A 300 Norma loaded with a 210 Berger 10 thou off the lands measured 3.530 This is with the bullet seated out to where the boat tail junction is out to the base of the neck 3100 FPS out of a 26"

    Don't confuse long throat with free bore Weatherby runs free bore.