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    Apr 23, 2008
    I have a couple of questions that I hope y'all can help with.

    I am thinking of building this on a Rem 30-06 action so I can seat the bullets out farther. Is that all that may be necessary to do it or will the chamber have to be cut deeper as well. In the process, I was going to convert it from a BDL to a box magazine. Would that work with this round or will it have issues. Also what kind of velocity is obtainable with a 26"-27" tube and using 150-160 grn bullets. I was hoping to get around 2900-3000fps. My older books show hotter charges but list short barrels. The new books arn't quite as hot. Thanks in advance....................
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    Dec 20, 2008
    You may have issues with feeding from a long action magazine with the .284 Win case. In theory it sounds do able, but I've seen Long action rifles that needed the bottom of the reciever opened up for the .284 Case, as it's a bit fatter than the .30-06 Family of cases. Not so sure with the detatchable case.

    I'd personally consider a .280 Remingtonas well if you're looking at that class of a cartridge. The only diffrence between the two is the shorter powder column for the .284 Vs the longer for the .280 Rem, If I'm not mistaken the .280 Rem does have a slight case capacity advantage due to the shoulder placement, which is forward of the standard .30-06 Case.

    If you are going with the .284 Win, Some gunsmiths are able to cut a longer throat for the longer bullets, however if this is done it severely limits you to the type of bullets and bullet weights used. Mostly the heavys...

    If the chamber is cut standard, you still have the best of both worlds, a long action .284, seating the bullets all the way to the lands on most if not all loads. That speaks of good accurate setup. The feeding can be resolved by a good gunsmith, so this is certainly a viable option.

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    I'd suggest you talk to Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool and Gauge and come up with a dummy round with the bullet of choice seated to your specs.

    I have a 284 that is a sporter with a 23" barrel. I have shot through 3 barrels in a bit over 20 yrs. When the last barrel was installed I had the mag box lengthened to 3.100". A Berger 168 VLD kisses the lands and just fits and feeds from the mag with the reamer my smith used.

    I have not had success with the VLDs or even the A-max and I believe it is the throat configuration. Next barrel with have a Pacific reamer to my specs. Dave seems to have figured out what VLDs like with a different leade angle. It sure worked with my 257 Roy and the 115 VLD.

    It does shoot 120 nbt, 140 sierra and nbt, 140, 150, 160 nos pt, 140 TSX, and most recently the 150 nos bt. H4350 WAS my fav powder till recently.

    I read about RL-17 and put it through its paces. I got a moly coated 150 nos bt to go approx 3175 with 58 grs. Saw pressure around 59.5 grs. You must give this powder a try. You should be able to get a the same or a bit more with a non moly'ed bullet with your longer barrel.