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  1. bkondeff

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Last year I spent a lot of time making my Sako 75 become a viable long range weapon, eventually shooting out to 800 yards for deer and elk. I am now shooting 168 gr 7mm ammo at a bit over 3000 fps and holding .7 moa out to 600 yards. The project isn't done, but while hauling the 9lb rifle up and down some steep hills here in Idaho I starting thinking about a lighter rifle for some deer and antelope hunts.

    I did some research with the following considerations:

    1) Lighter weight, at least 1.5 to 2.0lbs.

    2) Much lighter recoil, especially given the lighter rifle.

    3) Something different than my 7mm.

    4) Good bullets(I've become comfortable w/ Accubonds and Berger VLD's)

    5) Factory chambering.

    6) Preferably a gun that won't need more than a basic bedding and trigger adjustment.

    7) Expect sub-moa performance to 600 yards.

    What I've come up with is a Tika Stainless Synthetic at 6.2Lbs, in a 25-06, topped with a Zeiss Conquest in 3-9x at 15oz. With rings I figure I'm looking at just over 7lbs.

    What do you think of my logic? Tikka? 25-06?

    I have considered the .260 Rem, but I think I'd be giving up velocity for bullet weight and I don't necessarily think that's a plus.
  2. gbp

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    Aug 22, 2006
    I have a S&W 1500 old Howa
    what I can tell you is that everything I shot with it DIED
    The 25-06 is amazing it has killed everything I have shot at almost immediately. (of coarse placement is a key) but this cartridge has been impressive

  3. Jared06

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    Jan 22, 2008
    I've had a Sendero 25.06, and now use a Rem mod 7 .260 and like them both very well. I suppose given the same contour barrel the .260 would be a little lighter since a bigger bore is cut out and you'd be in a short action. You have a larger selection of brass with the 25.06. I suppose the .260 barrel may last a little longer depending on how your pushing the load. I found it easier to find good shooting loads with the .260, but I think the Sendero I had was a little bit of a lemon. (sent it back to Rem and then got rid of it)
    I wouldn't hesitate getting a 25.06 again, but I have a heavy custom .260 for shooting out to 1000 and am trying to stay consolidated in calibers. I was able to use my .308 neck die with my .260 by simply changing out the bushing. I think you'd be happy with either.
  4. Franklin

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    Feb 23, 2008
    They're both dandy calibers. The 260. would definatley make for a lighter rig.
  5. 3006savage

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    Jul 16, 2008
    No experience with Tikka but feedback is generally positive for their accuracy. I would pick a few of the bullets available in .257 and .264 and run the ballistics out to 600 yards. The 260 might surprise you. Two good bullets in 264 are the 130 grain Scirrocco 2 with a .571 BC and the 130 grain Berger .595 BC. The bullets do start slower but will have little wind drift and carry energy downrange better than the 257 caliber bullets. Not bashing the 25-06 it will get the job done I just like the short actions when weight is a primary consideration.