190 sxr field test

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    Dec 4, 2008
    I got a chance to field test my 190 SXR's on a muley last week and was looking for someone interested in posting a couple of pics? I know there are at least a couple of guys out there that are as crazy about bullets as I am!:D
    The mule deer wasn't much to brag about but we don't have that many here in north Id. and it was the next to last day of the season. He was quartering away walking at 680 yards. I leaned across the back of my snowmobile and squeezed one off just as he was about to disappear. The bullet entered near the last rib and nicked the front of the paunch, took out the liver and right lung, penetrated the shoulder and was just under the hide. The deer was down and out in 20'. The impact velocity was approx. 2135' and the bullet mushroomed to nickel size diameter and weighed 126 grains. This bullet was not bonded. I have another pic of a 190 SXR taken from a moose at 720 yds earlier this fall. PM me if any takers.......Rich
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