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    Jun 10, 2012
    Hello all...or should I say "y'all"...
    Just retired from the USAF after 22 yrs, 27 days, and we are temporarily residing in TX...originally from Iowa.
    Applied to and got accepted to Colorado School of Trades gunsmithing program and just waiting for the phone call for a start date. No, I'm not planning on getting rich, just wanted to do something at my own pace and as my own boss...and no employee's to deal with. Spent the last 15 years in "management" and it's not my cup-o-tea.
    Anyway, just trying to lurk and skulk around to pick up as many tips/tricks/ideas about gunsmithing before I start class as well as contribute what I can. I was a weldor for 3 years before enlisting, and was a dental assistant for 8 years and then a dental lab tech for 14 years.
    If ya have any questions, fire away gun)