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    Feb 15, 2012
    Hello All,

    Not all Texans misspell frequently used words......only me, as my username shows. I have the same name, although spelled differently on a couple of other forums. I am a former (disabled) private sector veteran, US Army Artillery veteran and am now limited to mainly consulting type work. After my injury I was mainly utilized for audits of tactics and physical security, and consulted/ trained PPO (Executive protection agents). My clients have ranged from private corporations and executives to government agencies. Although I occasionally review new gear for feasibility purposes, I always strive to learn all that I can intake. I have already acquired much learning from this website, and felt it was about time to join. I have learned one thing that stands out, and that is that everyone has something they can learn, and no body has all of the answers. That is why I am here, to learn, and hopefully in time contribute for others as well.

    I enjoy edged weapons of all sorts, big-bores, dangerous game, precision shooting, and adventure travel. Given my chosen career path, and the lifestyle that accompanied it, my body is now relatively broken. Since this is "Long Range Hunting", I will just include my favorite tools for the job which currently consists of two .338 Lapuas (Savage and Remington) and a Barrett M99-1 .50 and look forward to adding an MRAD to the mix soon.

    I am excited to stick around here and learn all that I can. I currently live in a small town in N Central TX, and am happy to be here, despite my computer's ability to quickly load this forum.