XBolt- 300 Win Factory Loads?

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    Jul 18, 2011
    So I took out my new XBolt Medallion over the weekend, and was a bit disappointed that my Winchester Model 70 outperformed it. It's a 300 Win, with a 26" barrel. I was surprised because all of the other XBolts I had were excellent shooters (grouping right arount 1/2 to 3/4").

    The absolute best I got out of this Xbolt at 100 yards was right about an inch (actually a bit over). I used Hornady SST's in 165 and 180, but neither wanted to group well. And the 180's are usually my "go to's" when I am having accuracy issues.

    Anyway, anyone else out there know of any factory loads that I could try? For some reason where I'm at in NY it's hard to get anything BUT Hornady, Winchester (Ballistic Tip) and Federal Fusions. Oh yea, and the Remington Core Lokt CRAP but I won't go there.

    If anyone has anything to suggest I would greatly appreciate it. I mean, the rifle will work in any hunting situation I'll ever likely be in, but I've grown to be picky and like a little better accuracy........ :D