WTS Badger, Leupold, Camelbak

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    Oct 2, 2004
    Alright! I need to generate some coin for a USO. Here's what I have:

    Leupold Mark 4, 3.5-10x40 M3, duplex ret, BC covers, all standard knobs (.223, .308, .30-06, .300WinMag) This has been OD DuraCoated by Randy at R&D. There are VERY slight ring marks in the finish. NONE in the metal. I have added a coat of OD MilSpec Krylon on top of the Dura, as the Dura's shade didn't match my OD Cerakote job on my rifle. That said, the Krylon matches OD Cerakote damn near perfectly.


    This scope is in great condition. Works perfectly. $650 shipped. I can strip the OD Krylon pretty easy if you'd like.

    I have a Camelbak Motherlode. The Motherlode is like new. I've removed the tags, but it basically sat in my office. Never seen the field. Absolutely no marks, scars, rips, damage. Includes the bladder, which has never been used as well. $120 shipped. It is Foliage Green, which can be viewed here:


    I have standard height 30mm Badger alloy rings. These are coated (nicely, I might add) with OD Krylon. $120 shipped. These are, with the exception of the paint, like new.

    I also have a Picatinny ring cap (pictured above) by Badger for 30mm rings. This new was $85 (IIRC). $75 shipped or $70 with the above listed rings.

    Thanks Gents! Bring on the SN-3!