Will a higher scope height

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  1. Southernfryedyankee

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    Feb 8, 2009
    cancel out elevation potential for longer range shots? I purchased an EGW 0 taper scope rail for my savage. I also purchased the Dednutz freedom reaper 1 piece picatinny scope mount for the same rifle. mY scope has 60 MOA elevation adjustment and I was planning on sighting in at 100 yds and dialing each of my ranges until I hit the scopes maximum range. I do notice that my scope is at least .3-.5" higher than my original setup, will I lose valuable elevation because of this? If i absolutely have to I will replace the 1 piece scope mount with lower rings to bring the scope down closer to the barrel but if its not needed I dont want to.
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    Oct 7, 2005
    Actually a higher scope will make the difference between say 100yds and 1000yds less in MOA, because of the greater angle between the line of sight and the bore of the barrel. At 100yds, the line of sight and the line of the bore are intersecting at a greater angle (sort of appears that the scope is aiming down more). This gives a slightly less need for elevation at the longer distances. For a 308 type cartridge, the difference is only about 1 MOA at 1000yds according to Exbal. With a 1.5" scope height and a 100yd zero, exbal estimates 39.5moa to reach 1000yds with a 175gr SMK at 2600fps. The same load with a 2.5" scope height only requires 38.5moa to reach 1000yds.

    Hope this helps.