What barrel contour to go with.

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  1. Alan Griffith

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    Aug 22, 2005
    The question is basically what barrel weight to go with?

    I had a custom Rem 700 in 30-06 built for me back in 1982. With 4x Leupold, it is 6.5 lbs on the nose. I like the weight. I'm willing to add weight in barrel and scope. I've recently put a Nikon 4.5-14 w/ Mildot reticle on it. Love the scope. Might put the Leupold back on for hunting....might not!

    Now it's time for a new Lilja barrel. The previous barrel was, I believe, the factory barrel at 22", which I had Mag-Na-Ported to reduce muzzle flip and recoil. Worked quite well I might add.

    Now it's going to be a 26" tube in 30-06AI. That way, I will have minimal cost changing to a different caliber when it comes to reloading tools and on-hand components.

    I'm having a hard time choosing either a #2, #3 or #4 contour. Lilja has these barrels in stock for immediate delivery. With a 2-week delay, he can either recontour or flute the #4 (per a telephone call with a young lady at Lilja yesterday).

    My goal is to keep the rifle light; maybe not as light as it's original form but still under 7.5 to 8lb. Definately not the 11 lb beast (Win 70 w/ 3.5-10 Leupold) I used to carry back in the 70's and 80's.

    I'm not expecting this to be a 1000 plus yd gun. My longest kill to date is 465 yds on an antelope. If I can get decent MOA groups out to 500-600 yds, I'll be satisfied. I'd like to go with the #2 contour as it would only ad about 5 oz to my current set up. The #3 contour would add about 14.5 oz but the #4 fluted would only add 10.5 oz. Problem is, i've been saving the dimes and quarters to get to where I can order the barrel. Not sure I want to wait the extra time necessary to save up another $125 to have the #4 fluted.

    Opinions please!

    I looking for feedback from those who have used these contours and obtained decent MOA groups.

    Big Al
  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004

    I'd recommend the #4 just from my single experience.

    Several years ago I replaced a Douglas Premium sporter weight bbl 24" long with a Lilja #4 27" long. A 308 cal is a bit larger than a 277 cal so you'll gain a small bit of weight advantage there plus the inch of length.

    I asked Dan Lilja for a recommendation of a rifle smith to fit the barrel. He recommended Ray Montgomery of Grand Junction CO. Ray did a quality job including all of the accurizing things to the Mauser 98 action, matt finish and a cool looking black blue job, with a couple of week turn around at a reasonable price.

    Heck, I didn't know all of the action/bolt things were even considered but what I've found out since is that the good smiths always do all of the things necessary to ensure the best performance unless the customer specifies something less.

    As for settling for sub moa @ 500 yds, Huh! If bedded properly I'd bet more like 1/4 MOA @ 100 with proportional increase with distance.

    Also you'll be wanting to keep that Nikon on it. You'll see why after you get her broke in. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

    Also I like your camo style. Its a good thing when a fella has the nads to do the scope too.