Value? Remy 722 in 243

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    Jan 18, 2008

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Remington 722 in 243 win with an older leupold 3-9 vari-x II for $500, but the problem is that it's been heavily modified. The barrel has been recrowned with a recessed target crown, the barrel was set back and rechambered(around 18-19"s in length), the stock is a synthetic 700 bdl with floor plate and has been glass bedded, and the down side is that it has a basic spray paint camo job done on it which doesn't look bad but covers the whole rifle and glass. I plan on using it as a walking varminter/deer rifle and seems to be perfect for that. I guess my question is has it been too heavily modified to have any resale value in case I want to sell it down the road?