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    Dec 24, 2001
    What a day! With my .243Win (Win70 HVB) using 65gn V-Max's (39.5gn Varget/CCI BR2's/OAL:2.2260") at a chrono'd 3511fps, I took two crows at 204yds. There were about 30 all together, but they didn't waste anytime making a hasty retreat. Oh sure, a couple came back and circled a few seconds trying to figure out why "Joe" and "Larry" wouldn't get up. They wouldn't land though. Not real LR, but loads of fun just the same.
    I also set up a back stop today for LR target shooting in the back cow pasture. I can almost get 600yds out of it. I used cut railroad ties (2.5-3.5'), stacking 'em five high and on the back side I attached 1/4" metal with 3" lag bolts (this has worked good at my 100yd range, my .300WinMag hasn't even put a "dimple" in the metal...yet). On the front (target) side I attached a piece of 18-24" painted board, either plywood or OSB, doesn't matter, I shoot it all to heck anyway. Here I can attach my paper targets with a staple gun.
    So, I did all that and then loaded up 14 rds (all the brass I had prepped) of 180gn Nosler Ballistic Tips ahead of 69.0gn of H4350 and a 9.5M primer. I chrono'd this load back in August at an average of 3094fps and .370" (3-shot) at 100yds.
    I used a orange sheet of 8.5x11 piece of paper with a 3.0" circle colored in with a sharpie as my target. I know that's kinda fancy, but I was splurgin'. I checked my zero at 100yds first, it was 1.0" high so I bumped it on up to 3.0". I shot the first 3-shot group from 300yds and it measured 1.708"! I didn't take in to account the wind and the group landed 3 inches right. I had printed out the ballistic from JBM Calculations before I left and with this zero it showed a come up of 6.3MOA at 550yds. I ranged the target at 560yds from my truck and dialed in 6.5MOA up and 1MOA left. I wasn't sure about the wind and really don't have alot of experience judging it (I usually hunt/shoot into the wind). I let three more fly from 560yds, loaded up my gear and headed down to the target. The bullets were dead on (right heighth) but 6" right. I took a blank sheet of paper and put over the group and punched holes in the paper with a pencil where the bullet holes were so I could measure it. Crude, but it worked. The group measured 3.6". This is the first time I've shot the Savage at a measurable target at this yardage since I bought it (Aug2008). I did shoot it at and wore the 450yd gong out at Washington's Rattlesnake Range but never shot for precision until today. WOW! I'm pleased.
    I'm already planning to drag my bench over to the back pasture and see what it will do with a solid rest. Today I used the hood of my truck, a rear sandbag under the forearm and a small pillow under the pistol grip/buttstock.
    I am pleased with my rifles....JohnnyK.