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    Mar 31, 2010
    I attended a FFL "Training/Information Seminar" yesterday. It was put on by BATFE. Whether you've been a FFL for 40yrs. or 30days do yourself a favor, attend! Get the 'scoop' from the folks who will conduct the compliance inspection at your shop. It may save you a warning. some money on a lawyer, or your business. The "seminar" presented here, in OKC, was quit well presented and the opportunity to ask questions was there, they took many question during the question/answer segment, which was almost half of the 5 hours the 'formal' presentation was schedualed for, and then stayed for individual, one on one questions for at least 1 1/2hrs more. I've had my FFL for quite a few years, learned a tid-bit or two, and was amazed at some of the questions that were asked. I didn't ask, but I'd bet these will be offered throughout the country. These seminars might actually 'clear-up' some the mis-information that's prevalent throughout the firearms 'world'. My disclaimer; I'm a FFL, just like many of you are. I'm not employed by the government/BATFE in any way. They didn' try to "bus us off" to a re-education camp, either!