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    THE LIST is a listing of rifles, shotguns, and necessary equipment that Bob White posts on his site for sale. He runs Shooters Corner in NJ which is a short range BR shooter speciality place.

    His specialty is mainly SR BR guns, however he routinely stocks many LR and varmint type guns for sale also. Most are used and his descriptions and ratings on the guns are 110% accurate.

    He also stocks a lot of bullets, ammo, used dies, BR equipment, rests, brass, odd sights, scopes, all types of reloading equipment etc that you can get at a really good deal compared to new. He is a really good source for used equipment and guns at a good price or some oddball item. Keep it in mind.

    I have been dealing with him for years. I will tell you do not bother calling on Fridays or the weekends. He is at a match somewhere. So call Monday to Thursday. http://www.benchrest.com/shooterscorner/

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