A list of lists

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  1. Dave King

    Dave King Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    List your favorite lists.

    Things I like.

    1. Women (friendly ones mostly but unfriendly ones are nice to look at some times).

    2. Leisure time, I like relaxation, sometime with a woman (a friendly one).

    3. Food, good food mostly but nearly any food will do if I'm really hungry.

    4. A good vehicle one that doesn't break down, they steal my leisure time when they break down.

    5. Hunting or perhaps time alone in the fields and woods is a better go at it, I like to watch the animals and observe unspoiled nature.

    6. A good puzzle, a mental challenge puzzle not those 1,000 piece cardboard picture things (the only challenge with them is what to do once it is complete... lose a piece and sell it at a yard sale seems popular)

    7. Friends, ones that share and add to life (good friends) not the ones that only borrow and break the stuff and generally make life more difficult (bad friends... the variety we had mostly as teens)

    8. Family, close family, the ones left after all the beer, food and money is gone (much like friends).

    Things I don't like.

    1. Unfriendly non-attracive women, seems they serve no purpose.

    2. Tater Tots and Balut.

    3. Being wet, cold and sandy.

    4. Suffering fools

    5. Suffering authority

    Things I'd like to see adopted

    1. A Spandex to weight & height ratio requirement for women

    2. Bumper sticker limits, no more than 2 dozen per Volvo wagon

    3. Variable speed limits. The DMV should issue a maximum speed allowed per driver as part of the driving test (the license must be inserted in the car to allow the car to operate). Some folks have no business driving 80mph (or 47 either for that matter).

    4. No songs with less than four words in the entire lyrics.

    5. No GIANT spreakers, no speakers larger than the wheels allowed in cars (or trucks).

    6. No cars smaller or lower to the ground than a large dog.

    7. Row seating must be a least 2 feet between rows, planes and movie theaters in particular. I really don't need to know if you wiped well or the depth of the cellulite dimples.

    8. Upper case letters must be used in the written word, there are about a billion teachers feeling as though they have failed society. nOt JUst ranDOMly usED bUt UsED as ORiGiNAllY inTendEd... Bless you Mrs. Mollitor and you too Mrs. Johnson.
  2. Ian M

    Ian M Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    One thing high on my list is reading Dave King's posts, they are good, usually make me smile or grin.

    After three months of illness I would place good health and taking care of it high on my list. Faith and Family is higher tho.

    Shooting long with a good friend, sharing challenges and getting the most out of a really accurate rifle, doping wind correctly for first shot hits - I probably enjoy that as much as most shooting and even hunting opportunities. I never fail to appreciate the fact that bullets can fly the same arcs way out there and all hit together really close. There are a lot of guys on this site that I would like to shoot with someday.

    I also enjoy introducing good guys to this sport, creating "monsters" who get the passion to hear far-off clangs and marvel at how much wind will push a bullet.

    Going on once in a lifetime trips, such as Dave is doing when he goes to Alaska to meet the mighty brown bear. We all have dreams and sometimes they unfold for us.

  3. Ballistic64

    Ballistic64 Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2004
    Things I like:

    1. Guns
    2. Id say women,but the wife might see this post.:D
    3. The smell of Hoppes #9 in my reloading room.(I tried to put this in my wifes perfume bottle,but she didnt go for it).
    4. Making fajitas for dinner and having my wife tell me how delicicious they were.Then getting to tell her she just ate venison (the enjoyment of this is extreme,but short lived).
    5. Staying a hundred yards in front of my brother-in-law during spring turkey season with a Fox Pro making him play chase the turkey ghost.:D
    6. My son telling me he wants to go shooting instead of fishing.
    7. Seeing a persons face that never shot long range shoot a good group at 500 yds.
    8.The beginning of hunting season.
    9. The end of hunting season with the freezer full.

    Things I dont like:

    1. Politicians
    2. Ahhh,the hell with it,this list will be too long.:D
  4. Buffalobob

    Buffalobob Writers Guild

    Jun 12, 2001
    Things I like:

    Drinking from my Kool Aid cup.

    Eddie giving the BS'er a bad time about shooting in the 1's.

    Getting lucky and shooting in the 1's or else just getting lucky.

    People who do what they say they can do.

    The younger generation claiming to be conservative when they are more liberal than the liberals were when I was young.

    Daughters, I really like my daughter. Having a daughter was the most educational thing that ever happened in my life. I grew up with three brothers and no sisters.

    Fast cars that actually run and trucks that don't get stuck in the snow.

    People who try so hard not to cheat you that they embarrass you.

    Seeing the dust fly off the fur beyond 1K.

    Watching foxes play. I have never killed a fox because I just enjoy watching them so much.

    Pecan Pie. Good pecan pie that is. All you Yankees can just eat your head cheese.

    Things I don't like

    Soupy, runny pecan pie.

    Soupy, runny people.

    Seeing dust kick up to the right or left of an animal past 1K because I have misjudged the wind.

    Snow. Thanks goodness for global warming, I won't have to put up with it much longer.
  5. Dave King

    Dave King Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    More things I like (after reading BB's post):

    Grape bug juice (kool aid)

    Tree ripened oranges (I picked a few up off the ground in California, very good)

    Banana cream pie (and pecan "pea-can" pie too)

    Home-made vinegar candy

    Grandchildren (my own)

    The smell of freshly mown alfalfa, fresh baked bread and spent shotgun shells.

    The sound of loons calling.

    Fresh and cold dairy farm bulk tank raw milk
  6. EddieHarren

    EddieHarren Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    List of lists

    Blue Point oysters, fresh shucked.
    Out scoring the Varmint for Score rifles with my Varmint Hunter rifle.
    Seeing my wife outscore the Varmint for Score rifles with her Varmint Hunter rifle.
    Hearing beagles run rabbits.
    Taking my grandaughter Paw-Paw hunting.
    Taking my grandson fishing.
    Lilja barrels.
    Having both of my daughters graduate from college and become teachers.
    Building rifles that shoot. (In the .1's)
    Hearing Dave's dog "Honk" after drinking beer.
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  7. grit

    grit Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2005
    These lists got me thinkin'. My thinking's got me fealing mighty blessed.

    I got a new son! Just a week old. I like to look at him. I like watchin' him sleep. I like to take a nap with him on my chest. An' I like him grasping my finger in his tiny fist....

    I like his mom. I like her soft eyes and honest smiles.
    I like shakin' the hand of a good man. Like my dad and my huntin' partner.
    I like a steamin coffe on a frosty morning, and a cold beer by the fire.

    Not many things feal as fine as steppin into the saddle. I like the pre-dawn rides to get to my huntin' spot. And, the fealin' I get when an elk bugles down in the canyon.

    I like shootin' a bow, and snuggling down on a rifle stock, watching vapor trails, and the whap of a solid hit.

    Clay pidgeons turning to dust, and pheasants folding up always make me smile.

    I like my kids runnin' out to hug me when I come home. I like watchin' them do stuff. I like the courage my daughter has to climb back on a horse that's bucked her off. And, the pride in my sons eyes when he breaks a pigeon with his little 22. My daughter singing, and my son reading to me.

    I like the smell of sawdust, the smell of a smokin' horseshoe, and the smell of sweat when I'm working hard. I like being tired, and settin on the porch in the evening.

    Better quit, the list could get looong.

    I don't like folks drivng slow in the fast lane.
    Hitting my finger with a hammer when my fingers are cold.
    My kids fightin' in the back seat.
    Remembering my wallet after the cashier rings me up.
    Losin' my cell phone.
    High prices at the gun show...
    Shitty movies.