The 6mmX47 Swiss Match

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  1. NesikaChad

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Has anyone here heard of this little jewel?

    I built a "Cross the course" NRA match rifle for a guy in 2001. I worked at the Anschutz National Service Center at the time. We had a small collection of Grunig and Elmiger FT300 CISM rifles in inventory. while snooping one day I stumbled across a test target shot in Switzerland by a guy from their national team.

    A little swiss man named Sepp Gumunder dropped off that target and started me on a witch hunt.

    This little cartridge started life in the US by the strangest of ways.

    Sepp would pick once fired cases from the firing lanes in europe and mail them to me. Pacific tool and gauge made me the chamber and resize reamers.

    I made my own dies from a piece of front sway bar off of a ford expedition. (Hey, I had it and it's good steel)

    Tailor made around the 105-107 weight of bullet they spool up to about 850 meters/second. That's right about 2900fps.

    the case is essentiall a mix between the 6mm BR and the 243 Win. a nice middle ground.

    There was quite a bit of hype at one time, but then it sort of died off. I guess the 6mm XC creation from David Tubb kind of took over.

    Just curious to know if anyone in this neck has fooled with it ever, and if you had any luck. I always seemed to be light on velocity and a bit high on pressure. Accuracy was always there, but the primers were always on the ragged edge.

    Another gun I built was a 480 bolt faced AR-10 course gun.

    Crazy thing. We put custom grips on it from Arnie Vitarbo (Same guy who fits alot of grips for the US pistol team shooters at the OTC in Colo Spgs)

    I spent two days ventilating a piece of alloy tubing for the forend. All I had at this time was a WWII era Bridgeport with a dividing head.

    that sucked, but it came out ok.

    That gun shot well too. An 8X clean at 1000 at the Whittington Center in NM first time we took it out and got it zero'd.

    Just curious if anyone's ever messed with it.

    Nite folks.

    Chad Dixon
    Baghdad Embassy Security Force
  2. Wild_Bill

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    Sep 15, 2005
    Hi i have one of the cases and it is very similar to DAvid Tubs 6mmXc. It is also very similar to the new Lapua case the 6.5X47Lapua necked to 6mm. We have built 6 of these rifles now and they are very popular for F Class and long range Benchrest there in the US. I would not get a Swis MAtch as the cases are likes hens teeth to get if you order them you have to get 1000 and they are over 1 euro each plus shipping.

    Get onto David Kiff at Pacific precision as he made me the reamer and also has made a lot of others in 6X47 Lapua. The Lapua cases are redily available and with a 30" barrel and molly coted 107gr Sierra's we are getting just under 3100fps with 41gr H4831SC and Rem 7 1/2 small rifle match Primer. go this way and dont look back.

    Cheers Bill

  3. NesikaChad

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Hey, someone knows!

    I have seen the 6.5 version from Lapua. I had a handful of them in 05 at the shot show in Las Vegas.

    I like the small primer. Have not built a gun on them however. I assume they shoot well.

    Yes, well aware of the hurdles regarding obtaining brass.
    Ruag at the time was the only company making it commercially.

    I eventually got a hold of 1000 pieces, but it took awhile.

    I also made a series of forming dies and just made my own from 243 winchester brass.

    Not really in any hurry to do that again!

    I did use 4831 SC, the pressure was always right there on the edge though.

    Maybe the reamer was a bit too conservative on the throat for the long bullets. Who knows?

    Well versed on David Kiff at Pacific. Dave is a long time friend and I value his input tremendously. Smart guy.


  4. jb1000br

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    Jul 8, 2003
    Chad - if you had the 6.5x47 cases at the 05 SHOT Show, you should have had the version with LARGE primer pockets...BTW - I think you mean 2006 Shot Show...

    We have discussed this a lot over at and had the first info on the lapua case. We looked at the SM case, and I have some pictures floating around over there as well comparing several:

    The one in the pic is the initial LARGE primer pocket version.

    Brass issues have been holding the 6x47SM back in the USA - just too much of a PITA to get a hold of any.

    Luckily, Lapua came along with the 6.5x47 to help us out /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

    All that being said, I get a solid 2900 out of my 28" should be able to beat that with the 6x47SM...