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    Jan 12, 2011
    I'm just wanting to get into paper punching, all my target shooting and practice sessions have always been just for fun and to keep me on top of my game for hunting season. Here is the question, I posted a thread about getting set up for long range for $ 1200, and thanks for the help, but I have a LOT of good shooting riffles already , my pet is a TC ICON that I got last summer . I have worked up two loads that shoot , At least to me they shoot , on is the 165 gr NOSLER balistic tip at just over 2850 fps it is shooting .122" 5 shot groups at 125 yards and .507" 5 shots at 307 yards, the other is 150 gr HORNADY sp , thy are shooting .207" at 125 and .788 at 307. I know these are not match bullets , and this ant a target gun , but won't this set up do for now , or is there some reason or rule to keep me from comming out to play with the big boys ? This may be a stupid question , Any one else shooting an ICON ? And the ICON has a NIKON monarch 5-20 on it , the load for the nosler bullits is 45.5 gr Varget , nosler case , Fed 215m ( yes magnum primers , if you havent tried mag primers with charges above 45 gr of varget do so ) and OAL is 2.808 , by the way , the ICON chamber is so tight it is TOUGH to chamber factor ammo.
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