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    Feb 3, 2009
    ive been offered a swiss k31 rifle for another firearm. im just wondering what a k31 goes for. matching numbers,walnut stock , shiny bore, has the name plate still with the gun under the butt piece. i know milsurplus rifles are fairly cheap most of the time (some mausers ect are costly)., im just not sure if i should trade. i love old rifles but i dont know what it would cost to go and buy one.

    k31 values? anybody?

    ive seen mention of these being sold for 59-109 dollars at some places.

    thanks kp
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    Jul 1, 2006
    When first released on the market in the U.S., you could buy nice specimens (not museum quality, but better than average of a "just a shooter") for $89-$99. Now, they are selling in the $250-$350 range.

    These are an excellent shooter. I have four and all shoot very well. If you trade/buy it, buy the Redding dies - these are the ONLY dies made for the K31 chamber, which differs from the K11 chamber.

    I use 284 Winchester brass after FL sizing them in the 7.5x55 Redding dies.

    SwissRifles is an excellent source of information.

    Ask for the serial number so that you can check the year of manufacture. The forend and stock, as well as all of the metal components, are serialized to your rifle.

    Any other extras with it? Sling? Muzzle Cap? Cleaning kit? Bayonet?
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    Jun 7, 2004
    kp751, lately, a nice matching walnut stock K31 is $250 and up. Birch stocked guns are $200 and up. I have seen people asking over $300 for either one. Don't know if they sold them.

    Ammo is available. I just ordered some Yugo 174gr soft point from Midway for $15.49 a box of 20. They have Norma for about $39 a box. These rifles are a classic case of pretty don't count. They are finely made, accurate rifles, just butt-ugly. Whatever the deal is, give it a good look. I like the old military stuff too. The K31 will grow on you.

    The link that acloco posted is great! I've already spent an hour checking stuff out. My rifle was built in 1938, same year I was born. Boy, it is holding up way better than I am!

    Let us know what you decide, Tom
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    Nov 14, 2007
    You can also check Grafs for ammo and sometimes they get a load of new Prvi brass in too. I had one and liked it a lot, although the metal buttplate can get to you after 30 rounds or so. I just got more interested in a couple other rifles I own so I sold it to a guy who wanted it as his main rifle. They are very well-made and highly accurate.
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    Aug 2, 2008
    The $250 -$300 range sounds about right these days. I got my first one in '05 for $69.95. My how times have changed. You can get a bolt on scope mount from Graffs that works great. I've taken 10 whitetail with mine over the years at ranges from 20yrds to 300yrds. They are great gun and you'll love the straight pull action. Most guys get along fine with the Lee die sets. I've never had any issues with my reloads using Lee dies. With a little work on loads you are pretty likely to get nearly 1 moa out of the rifle.
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    Jun 7, 2004
    KP 751, don't want to hijack your thread, but this is a good place to follow up.

    I have a set of RCBS 7.5x55 Swiss dies. After reading this thread, I emailed RCBS about using their die set to reload for a K-31. They just said that they were for the 1911, but not correct for the K-31, and didn't answer my question about what the difference was. I then checked the ammo specifications, and it looks like the Swiss GP-11 ammo is common to the 1911 and the K-31 rifles. I've had the dies too long to send them back, so I'm going to reload a round and check the dimensions against the GP-11. If they won't work, I will order a set of the Reddings. It may be awhile before I have a chance to do it, but I'll post the results when I do.

    Acloco, if you see this, you may save me some time if you already know what the difference is.

    Good shooting, Tom