Steak Marinade Recipe

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    Nov 5, 2008
    1/2 cup vegatable oil
    2 tb spoons soya sauce
    seasoning salt
    garlic powder

    This is the recipe that I like to use. You can add and ajust things to suit your own taste. Be careful with how much seasoning salt you use because the soya sauce is salty also. Garlic powder and pepper add to your taste. You can also ajust the quanities depending on how many steaks you are going to marinade. I don't measure anything any more just pour in what looks good and go for it. Marinade for 2 - 4 hrs longer is better up to 24 hrs works great on the tougher cuts. Be carful when you put your steaks on the BBQ you should get a pretty good flair up but it should burn out quickly and give you a nice seer on your steaks. I hope anyone who tries this enjoys it. Bon Appetit
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