SPF Cooper Arms Phoenix 260 Remington Brass Dies Ammo $1200

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    May 17, 2007
    SOLD PENDING FUNDS - Cooper Model 22 Phoenix, chambered in 260 Remington.

    26" stainless barrel.

    HS Precision(?) aluminum bedding block stock with factory bedding, trigger @ 1.75 lbs, US Optics Picatinny scope mount.

    I traded into this awhile back, and have fired it a total of 20 times.

    It took me five shots to get my zero, the other 15 went into three five shot groups, the largest was .650", the smallest .340". These were fired with the same Black Hills match ammunition that is included.

    The previous owner indicated the round count was 280, now it is at 300.

    85 pieces of 1x fired Remington brass, primer pockets reamed and flash hole deburred. Redding FL die set. 29 rounds of Black Hills match 139g Lapua in Remington brass.

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS $1200 shipped to your FFL in a new hard plastic case, must be willing to receive from an individual.

    Would consider trades for LTR's in .308, FN SPR, other bolt rifles in 224/6mm/308/358/375/458 bore diameters & Leupold or an ST-10 US Optics scope.


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