Spec Ops and Texas Hunt Co.

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    May 3, 2001
    One headache I have is keeping track of all the little essentials I need for hunts and practice. Pens, wind meter, Ballisticards, notepads, Mildot Master, small calculater, PDA, digital camera, cell, maybe a small flashlight, GPS etc. Found the answer - the super quality organizers and totes from Spec Ops and Texas Hunt Co. They also have the best sling for heavy rigs, plus some excellent ammo carriers for hunts. The entire lineup is superb quality. Might be worth a few minutes to check it out if you have not got any.
    Gear totes range from fitting in your pants pocket to holding a bunch of stuff. Some of the smaller totes fit inside bigger ones, works very well for me. Just ordered some more, service is great.