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    Aug 14, 2011
    Since I manly use my shotgun for vermin I'm about 20 to 30 meters away and it's only a 20 inch barrel it doesn't have the distance of a 30 inch barrel but when shooting long range with a shotgun that has a 30 inch or longer barrel do you have to raise the barrel when your shooting? Knowing long range shotgun shooting is about 80 meters. I know the pellets drop over a distance or when the pellets drop a inch or so do they loose the velocity to kill or seriosley injure the animal? I hope this question makes enough sence for anyone to answer haha.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    Mate, the chance of you hitting and killing something at 80 mtrs would be a fluke.The efective range of a shotgun is more like 50 mtrs depending on the size of game and the size of shot you are using.I suggest you take 2 meter square sheets of cardboard and shoot them at 40 and 80 mtrs and you will see what I mean. If you americans are wandering,80 mtrs is about 90 yds


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    I like this advice a lot, sure you might hit it but how well even with express turkey or dead coyote loads I would want more. When I use to shoot competive sporting clays 80 yards shots were few and far between. Maybe some teels that flew strait up and I would be running full choke 7 1/2 loads. A world class shooter might brake them. I was shooting a Beretta AL390 28"

    To awnser you inital question yes, but it depends how much based on if the target it moving or not.
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    Welcome to LRH forums! :)

    Shotguns are called scatterguns for a reason...they're a close range weapon.

    I've do my share of waterfowl and coyote hunting, but my shots are taken inside 60 yards. Patterning will help determine the best performance of the choke tube and shot size for the game you intend to hunt...and at the distances you intend to hunt them.

    A 30" circle is a standard measurement, at 40 yards for waterfowl. Where at the same distance a 10" circle is the standard for coyotes. The pellet count and the even placement of the pellets will let you know if the pattern is too tight or not tight enough.

    I used a Mossberg 500 Turkey Special, 12 gauge, 3" chamber with a 20" barrel for coyote hunting. I use a Carlsons extended choke tube that has a .680" restriction to get good patterns out to 50 yards with BB or T size alloy shot, for coyotes. There are 8 to 12 pellets inside a 10" circle at 50 yards and that's enough to kill coyotes. :cool:

    I use a Russian Baikal, 12 gauge, 3 1/2" chamber with a 24" barrel for goose hunting. I use a Terror extended choke tube with a .685" restriction for a 91% pattern inside a 30" circle at 40 yards. The ammo is 3 1/2" Kent Fast Steel, 1550 fps with BBB size pellets. It is common for me to kill geese at 50+ yards with this load and choke tube combination. :cool:

    I hope this helps you see what I'm using and how well it works. The barrel length will not determine the range of the shotgun. That thought process is "old school", as ammo ballistics and choke tube manufacturers have greatly improved. :)
    A longer barrel will allow for a slower swing, during the shot process. Simularly, a shorter barrel will allow for a quicker swing. It's all about personal preference.

    Good luck with your choices!