Setup & Pre Fire Checklists 1000yds

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    May 19, 2009
    So i looking for some advice, tring to put together a checkist of things to do when taking a 1000 yd shoot. Any suggestions to what i have is helpful. i am shooting a new116 savage 7rem mag with a sightron s III 8 x 32 shooting berger 168 vld grouping a 3/8 group at 100 about .9moa at 500 yds.

    Check range with rangfinder
    Adjust range for incline.decline
    Check for wind
    Adjust for moa/distance
    Adjust for wind

    tripod adjust
    Check if level (scope level)
    Adjust parralux
    Load bullet
    setup gun check position, trigger, and rear bag
    open both eyes at target
    breathing control
    trigger control

    If ayone has an ides or suggestion please add