setting the action in the bedding stress free

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  1. David Hunter

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    Sep 8, 2002
    My question is, what is the best method for supporting the action in the stock while the bedding hardens?

    I am bedding a 700 long action with a glued in Shehane single shot follower. The barrel weighs 7 1/8 pounds. The stock is a Shehane Tracker II.

    My usual method is to wrap tape around the barrel about a foot forward of the recoil lug, and let it center the barrel in the barrel channel. I cut the heads off some old action screws and cut a screwdriver slot in them so I can remove them later after the bedding cures from the bottom of the stock. Then I just ease the action into the stock with the screws already screwed in the action and let it sit with only the weight of the barrelled action holding it in the bedding until cured.

    My thoughts are, with a free floated barrel there is stress on the action from that 7 1/8# barrel hanging on it but, the action is bedded differently because the tape was supporting the barrel.