Setting 375 Ruger throat

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    Jun 4, 2006
    I'm having a Winchester Model 70 push feed rebarreled to a 375 Ruger. Have ordered a Pac-Nor 1 in 12 CM 3 groove barrel and need to decide on throat length. I have the brass and a box of 260 gr Accubonds and a single 300 gr Sierra Game King from a friend.

    The 260 gr Accubond has a .080" longer jump to the lands than the 300 gr Sierra when set at COAL of 3.340". The bullets need to be at 3.340" because the magazine is 3.400" and the manual listed length for the caliber is 3.340" so that seems to be a good choice.

    My question is: Do I have the throat set for a .025" jump with the 260 gr Accubond? That is probably the bullet I will wind up using, maybe a 270 gr TSX, a 250 gr A-Frame or a 250 Sierra Game King, but this gun is for Elk, hogs or Deer and not Africa.

    Do any of you guys have a 270 gr TSX or a 250 gr A-Frame and give me 3 measurements

    1. Total length
    2. Length from base of bullet to ogive
    3. Length from tip of bullet to ogive

    I really want to shoot a 250 gr bullet or a 260 gr bullet at 2900 fps+ and am not interested in the heavier bullets.