Sako A7 Accuracy?? 300WSM

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    Jul 7, 2010
    Hello All,

    I got Sako Tecomate a few weeks ago and recently shot it with some hopeful but interesting results. The first week I shot it, it grouped poorly, 2 to 3 inches. I broke in the barrel and cleaned after every three shots, but it was in Nevada so it was hot. I noticed, later in the day, when I started doing 5 shots between cleaning, that it shot better fouled with a couple of rounds and hot? That was a little strange.

    Next week, I shot again. But before I checked the stock and it seemed like the Hulk tightened the stock (60 lbs)! I loosened it and tightened it back up, once I felt the resistance, I gave it a 1/4 more turn (about 35lbs). I then got rid of the cheesy bases and put a Leupold (A-Bolt, not MAG, standard bases fit perfect) 2 piece base on it. The Zeiss 4-14 look great.

    Back to range. Still not consisent. Did get some groups down to 1.5 inches, far less than the promise of Sako. The ammo being used was : Double Tap 200 AB, Win 180 Ballistic Tip, Fusion 180 and Federal 180 AB. Then, I shot some 180 Win Power point, 180 grain.

    Can you guess what shot the best? Yup the cheap stuff. Almost one hole. But still not consistent. It would do 2 holes overlapping and then 2 more or 3 more overlapping but two inches low?

    I measured the OAL and I notced the spec is 2.860 inches but all the above was about 2.79 to 2.80. The Powerpoint was 2.83.

    So masters of shooting, is there anything I that I can learn from the above experience. I am new to getting into the details of rifles, but is that my Sako likes longer OAL? Does not like AB?

    Although it shows promise, my Savage and 700 shoot better with almost any ammo.
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    Dec 26, 2009
    When i bought my a7 it wasnt fully floated. It didnt shoot how i wanted so i took it out of the stock and floated the barrel that pretty much solved the problem. So check that. Secondly as far as oal. There is no way to tell based on the measurements you gave because those are case head to bullet tip measurements. The measurement that will matter is the ogive in relation to the lands. If you are just buying factory ammo pick what shoots best. I suggest trying federal premium loaded with barnes tsx or the barnes vortex ammo. They typically shoot good in about anything