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    Nov 5, 2007
    I am selling my personal S600 homebrew (6 mepapixel) that I built about a month or two ago. This camera uses a Snapshotsniper board and is in a Mossy Oak Pelican case. It is a great camera and takes AWESOME pictures. This camera has the brightest flash of all the homebrew cameras I build. The picture clarity is really the best. It has 6 AA external batteries along with the 2 AA batteries in the camera. This camera will take over 1500 pictures before the batteries go dead (probably more than 1500).
    I just want to build me something new. The trigger time on this camera is 3 seconds and is plenty fast for trails since it has the new wide angle high performance lense on the front of the camera.
    I am selling this camera for $350 which includes a 1 gig memory stick. The first person that tells me they want the camera gets it.
    Pictures of actual camera:
    Pictures taken with this camera (The camera was set on 2.0 mp for all these pictures... Just imagine 6.0 mp):
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