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    Nov 5, 2007
    I like to build homebrew trail cameras as a hobby of mine. I have built cameras for people on the MDWFP forum and would be willing to build one for anyone else that might want one. They are awesome cameras and a real asset to your hunting. If I didn’t believe in them I wouldn’t build them for people. They are better known as GobbleCams. If you would like a camera or more information just click on my name and send me an email or email me at doublegobble00@hotmail.com

    I can make Homebrew cameras with:
    $405 Sony DSC-P41 0.8-1 second trigger time 4.1 megapixel Otter 3000 Case
    $355 Sony DSC-P32 1.5 second trigger time 3.2 megapixel Otter 3000 Case
    $375 Sony S600 3-4 second trigger time 6.0 megapixel Pelican 1040
    $375 Sony W5 1.2 second trigger time 5.1 megapixel Otter 3250 Case
    $400 Sony W7 1.2 second trigger time 7.1 megapixel Otter 3250 Case

    Convert P41 and P32 to IR for extra $30. IR cameras have NO white flash, has a slight red glow when picture is taken. I don’t convert the S600 to IR.

    Can build the camera in an Otter 3250 box (bigger case) and add 2 D cell batteries for external power for extra $30. Two D cell batteries teamed up with 2 AA rechargeable batteries in the camera will take 4000 pictures before going dead.

    All cameras are made with SnapShotSniper control boards from digital trail camera - game cameras for scouting wildlife and deer hunting cam. This board has an LCD screen for ease of setup.

    Link to SSS Board:

    I provide a 512mb Memory Stick Pro card with all of my cameras. These cards will hold 311 pictures on the high megapixel setting in the P32. If you put the camera on a lower megapixel setting they can hold over 500 pictures.


    The camera uses 2 AA batteries and the board takes one 9 volt battery. I highly recommend buying some good rechargable AA batteries like the Energizer 2500mah rechargables or 2650mah Duracell batteries. They will take over 300 pictures on one full charge. I have gotten 330 flash pictures on one set of batteries before. The alkaline 9 volt that powers the board will last 6-9 months and have been known to last longer than that. I supply a 9 volt battery for the board but do not supply the rechargeable AA batteries.

    If you need REALLY long battery life I can wire 2 D cell batteries to the camera. The 2 D batteries teamed with rechargeable AA batteries in the camera will give you over 4000 pictures before the batteries need to be replaced.

    Link to Energizer Batteries:

    Sensory Range:
    I use the High Performance Wide Angle lense on all my camera. This lense detects a VERY wide area. This enables the camera to detect motion faster than the older narrow detection lense. This lense will make your camera faster and will help you get more pictures by detecting faster and sensing a wider area.

    I build the cameras in a vertical Otter 3000/3250 camo case. The cases are totally waterproof and built to last. The Otter cases have a great o-ring type seal to keep water out and are made of a thick durable plastic that is crush proof.

    The cameras are made to take high quality pictures. The have a 1.6” LCD screen on the back of the camera to view the pictures that you have gotten. They can take pictures or video clips.

    Most importantly... The cameras can be removed and used as a regular digital camera. Bring it back to the deer camp to take pictures, take pictures of the deer you kill, or anything. Take it with you on vacation during the summer. Just simply unplug the camera and you are ready to go.

    The motor assembly that opens the lense on the cameras has been disabled so there is NO NOISE when the camera powers up! The P32/P41 cameras will print the time and date on each picture.

    The homebrews are built in a way that you can easily use a Python Master Lock Cable to safely secure the camera to the tree. This cable will keep the camera locked to the tree and keep the camera case shut so no one can open your camera. Simply run the cable through the pipe, and go around the tree and lock the cable tight to secure the camera. The Python Master Lock works like a big Zip tip. Just insert the cable to the lock and pull it tight. You can get these locks at Walmart (hunting or bike section), Lowes, BassPro, or Home Depot. They come in 3/8”, 5/16”, and 3/16” cables. All will fit through the pipe I place through your camera case.

    Link to Python Master Lock:

    Click on the pictures to view SLIDE SHOWS!!!!

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    Example of Activity Mode… This setting is AWESOME!
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    Sep 15, 2005
    Awsome job

    Hi you have done a great job on them if I had some spare coin I would look into one. They look verry professionaly made.

    Cheers Bill

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    Dec 18, 2006
    I want one, just cant pull the change right now!
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    Nov 5, 2007
    Thanks for the comments fellas.. If you like how they look.. You ought to see how great they work!!!