Ruger 10/22 question

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    Mar 15, 2005
    Hey guys,

    I know this isn't a really "Long Range" type rifle but I do enjoy shooting it. The questions that I have are:

    I have the factory target model 10/22. I have been told to NOT shoot Stingers/Velocitors/Quick Shocks through this rifle. I have the recoil buffer from Volquartsen installed. Why am I not to shoot these? Is it due to the longer case jamming into the lands? The barrel has a "Bentz" style chamber. Does that not mean that the throat is longer, thus eliminating this problem?

    Another question is, is it worth getting the Volquartsen Trigger group, receiver, and competition bolt? Are they really that much better over the stock? I can see the trigger group, but I am not sure about the reciever and bolt.

    One last question. Is it also worth getting a Lilja drop-in barrel for the 10/22? I am mostly shooting varmints with this at 50- 100 yards so pin-point accuracy is not a huge factor. I was thinking of doing up a 10/22 with all the Volquartsen and Lilja equipment, but I do not really have that much extra cash. The money that I would spend on the 10/22 could be spent on a centerfire project. Here in Canada I am estimating that it will cost me about $1400-$1500. That is for the trigger group, receiver, competition bolt, lilja barrel, and a Boyd's Blaster stock. But I am willing to spend the cash if it truely will make a large difference in performance.

    Thanks for any info!
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    Welcome to the world of reality. I assume Scotty just beamed you up from Wonderland.

    I forget what a Bentz chamber is, but there are to my knowledge three types of chambers and the one that comes on a factory 10-22 is large enough to chamber a 105 howitzewr round. That is why the gun functions well - lots of slop.

    Yes, you can replace every component of the Ruger 10-22, one peice at a time and spend perhaps a $1,000 to get a gun that will finally hit a rabbit in the head on calm days with no wind at 100 yards most of the time.

    There is a place called "Rimfire Central" on the internet and they know every trick that works and lots more that don't work for a Ruger 10-22. There are permanenet stickys there just like here for the dummies like me and you. There are certain trigger sear and bolt "smoothing" tricks that even I can do. if you can get a smooth trigger pull that seems to be half the battle.

    The second part of the battle is actually more fun if you have some warm weather. The little demon is very sensitive to what ammo you put through it. I tried maybe 10-15 different bullets. It liked what I call "Eley Rabbits" and Wildcats and Stingers in that order. The choice of bullets alone can drop groups from 3 inches to 3/4 inches (10 rounds). I shot several $6.00 a box match bullets and standard velocities and just about any bullet I could find within a hundrerd miles of me. I am not a great benchrest shooter so I repeated the groups on a different day for all of the "promising" bullets and got pretty much the same general results afer considering my caffiene levels.

    What are Eley Rabbit bullets you ask. Hell if I know. I just ask the guy at the gunshop to check all of the boxes of Eleys and give me all of them that have a rabbit on the box. My memory is not so good for names.

    I am not aware of any prohitiion on shooting high velocity bullets and my gun shoots them better than most medium velocity bullets.