Rifle twist rate for .338 Laupa Magnum

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  1. skyggekrigeren

    skyggekrigeren Member

    Sep 29, 2005
    Hi. I'm looking for a new long range rig.

    I have selected theese so far:

    -HS Precision HTR left hand in .338 Laupa Magnum
    -Badger Ordnance 1-piece base and rings
    -Leopold MkIV 3,5-10x40 illuminated mil-dot scope
    -Harris bipod
    -BR Reflex T12 'silencer'

    What barrel length and twist rate would people recomend?
  2. Roll-Yur-Own

    Roll-Yur-Own Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2006
    Barrel length should get different responses. Twist is 10.

  3. oneshot976

    oneshot976 Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2004

    I would recommend a 30 inch with 1 in 9.4 twist for 300 grain bullets.

  4. Steve Shelp

    Steve Shelp Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    I have some buddies that have experimented with different twist in their 1000yd BR rifles. When I fired mine in competition I always used a 10 twist. That is the probably your safe right down the middle of the road bet for all 338 bullets. But some have successfully used looser twists with varying degrees of success. But this is for BR competition when your lookng for every advantage. If this is going to mostly be a hunting rifle I would buy a 10 twist and not even give the twist another thought.
    As for barrel length, that is very subjective to your application. That is really your preference. It will be more efficient with a longer tube, but if efficiency isn't what your looking for then you can throw that out the window. But to give you a quick reference guide to make your decision.... here is what I beleive:

    26 to 28" - will work just fine. you will probably loose some velocity but if your rifle is for a hunting application with a sporter type rifle, 50-75 fps +- is nothing to be concerned about. That why your scope has clicks in it.

    30-32" - is probably a good compromise for all around efficiency and portablity.

    > 32" - is for specialized long range rifles that are made to balance out with the longer barrel and get maximun velocity for the extra long shots. More money, tuning nodes are different, etc, etc. Like I said very specialized and there is always a price to be paid when going down this road. By that I mean a price from a money and time/learning curve perspective. You don't always hit the ground running with a new rifle in this configuration.

    All in what you are looking for.