re-barrel 300 wsm questions

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    Oct 30, 2011
    I am looking to have a Sako 75 re-barreled. It is and will remain a 300 wsm. It has a McMillan stock that was properly bedded and good optics and mounts. I say this because it doesn't shoot all that well. It is the Finnlight which I hear often don"t shoot well. I wish I would have known that before I bought it! Anyway, I am going to have it re-barreled and have pretty much decided between a Lilja which will be installed by Mark Penrod at Penrod Precision....which is close to my home or a Hart barrel installed by Hart. The price will be about the same except for the shipping to Hart. I am leaning towards Hart now after thinking that if a mistake or problem would arrise it would go back to Hart as they would do all the work. Not that I expect Penrod or Lilja to make a mistake but at least that would prevent one pointing to the other if a problem did arrise. Thoughts....suggestions.........??? also what crown should I have recessed , 11 degree? specs: aprox #4 contour 416 ss, 24" plain barrel